Guru Purnima

Best songs to check this Guru Purnima

We know Guru Purnima to be a festival to honor the gurus and try following the teachings of the man for which your Guru has been preaching you all his life. The festival is observed by the people Hindu, Jain and Buddhists who celebrate with all spirit. The B Town has made a number of movies that cover the subject and same goes with the songs as well. Be it in love or worship, the songs play an important role in expressing the critical role of the audience. This festival is not just celebrated in India but also in Nepal. As we see the festival arriving, we need to check the list of the Guru Purnima and the Top 10 Best Songs, which are under:

Guru Stuti

It has around eight songs that can be called among the favorites. These were also used in B Town films as well and can give you the best of bliss while you enjoy it with great melody and joy along with the reverence for the Guru.

Guru bin gyan na pave, raag Marwa by Ustad Amir Khan

It has a couple of songs with a cool music that remain the respected scholar-musician that happens to be the quintessential shishya and the ideal guru as the song of the content.

Kumar Gandharva

The other worthy song having a nice lyric to be considered is the Guruji Jahan Baithoon Wahan Chhaya Ji, nirguani bhajan. This can be heard and sung in different places particularly during the eve of Guru Purnima.

Ghanshyam Sundra

The songs are perfect stuff suitable to be heard and sung during the eve of eve of Guru Purnima. The songs of this album has been helped by Anuradha Paudwal and Ravindra Sathe and remain worthy to be heard this Guru Purnima.

Wrapping Up

This is not the end, one can find a number of such songs and albums that are suitable for the upcoming festival of Guru Purnima. The festival is carried out to celebrate the eve of Veda Vyasa Maharshi’s Birth. He is the man who taught his students about the righteous.

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