Benafsha Soonawalla undergoes weight training and the results are for everyone to see

Benafsha Soonawalla

Benafsha Soonawalla is one cute, adorable and alluring woman. She is going through a weight training routine and it’s very evident in the snaps. She looks strong and hot and she had put in some muscles to aid to her frame. Benafsha has got some strong legs and she looks in incredible shape each passing day. She has great skin and hair and she looks uber confident every time. If reports are to be believed, benafsha works out so she can eat whatever she wishes to.

We spoke to her on her new regime and here is what she has to say, “I am blessed with great genetics but I also put in the hard work. I am doing decent weight training 4 days a week and that’s keeping me in good stead. That entirely changes the body. I don’t count my calories when I eat. I can’t restrict myself too much with food. I am just getting my macros on point and that’s a total game changer.”

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Benafsha is putting in the hard yards and who knows it might as well be for a project that she might be a part of next. She is hitting the ball out of the park in her stills.

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