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“Being grateful is the new definition of being successful,” says Mujahid Ali Khan, The Prominent Modern Urdu Poet.

From being a simple guy with dreams to be the one who leads the world of modern Urdu poems, Mujahid Ali Khan has surely inspired people with his hard work and zeal to be the best in the field. Inspired by the people who have been in his life, he pens down his verses that touch the heart of people and ultimately makes them his fans.

Starting his career from a Facebook page, today Mujahid Ali Khan is not only recording his own ghazals but is also being awarded for many web portals as the poet of the month & other various occasions.

Being able to pen down every feeling is an art not everyone can master and no one knows this better than the modern urdu poet himself.

Not only has he performed in various private national events but Mujahid Ali Khan has also performed in international events as well.

Passionate for writing surges day by day, the creative poet has strived his way towards victory and today he enjoys an army of fan following. He is also the winner in Infosys got talent.

Mujahid is among those who carry the gift of imaginative power. This is evident from the fact that Mujahid can write poetry anywhere, anytime, whenever inspiration strikes or the spark of an idea hits him

Mujahid is all set to launch his own application which will be a free space for all the poem lovers out there. He says, ” Now the time has come when I believe I should give back to people for all their love and support and what better than building up a community for them.”

Reportedly, this new application is going to be the space for all poet lovers where they can relate to the poems posted on it. The Urdu poet has joined hands with some amazing people who are dedicated to turning the poet’s vision into reality and developing this amazing app.

Today the competition in the market is surging day by day but the one thing which keeps people alive is creativity. Inspirational people like Mujahid exemplify the true definition of how being grateful is the new definition of being successful. Come hail or storm, we all know that Mujahid Ali Khan will surely be the best in the field of Modern Urdu poetry.

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