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Who is behind Karan Singh Grover-Jennifer Winget separation?

These day the news of separation and divorce seems to be rampant. This certainly includes the much discussed Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget separation. Karan Singh Grover, who happens to be the TV heartthrob of today, he is also known for producing and acting his debut movie called Alone, which stars the dusky beauty called Bipasha Basu. This man has been known for his Casanova kind of image in B Town, and this is his second marriage failure since past seven years. The first marriage came to an end owing to the allegation of extra marital affair, which she alleged to have with her TV co-star Jennifer whom he later married. Well, with his second failed marriage, the question still remains suspicious, as to who is behind the recent separation from her wife Jenifer, well, let’s explore this question:

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The speculation

Well, if you believe the rumour mills, they have a different story to tell. Though the reasons are still to be verified as they happen to be inside the carpet, but the rumour mill are suggesting that it was Bipasha Basu who is behind the separation. The Alone actor has been close to Bips since the production of his debut movie started. And considering his Casanova kind of image in the industry, he has the tradition of leaving one and marrying with the lady whom he is alleged to have an affair with. At least this proved correct in the case of Jenifer when he was working with her in a couple of TV stars and he soon came closer to her bringing in the divorce of his first marriage with Shraddha Nigam.

The Jennifer’s Verdict

Though her current wife to whom he has separated is still to make a claim that he has an affair with the Alone Co-star but she has passed a couple of comments on him saying that stardom has now entered inside the heads of Karan, which has eventually brought forth this separation.

Karan with Flirty Nature

The man is known to have a flirty nature, which came into limelight in the year 2009 when he was personally caught by his wife Shraddha Nigam red handed with his reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa choreographer called Nichole. So, its not new, to see him getting into relationship with some one leaving behind his wife or girlfriend, and Bips coming in her life cannot be called as exception.


Bips and Karan sailing the same boat

Now, if you look at Bips, she is also passing through the rough patches of her life owing to her breakup with Harman Baweja. At such junctures, when she is lonely and depressed, she has found some comfort with her producer cum actor of Alone called Karan Singh Grover. So, if you look at Bips and Karan, the two are seen passing through an emotional turmoil thus in many ways are seen sailing the same boat.  Thus while working together, they have found out comfort in each other, which has deepened the gaps between him and his wife Jenifer, who is all set to divorce him anytime.

Bips and KSG Coming Together

There are many instances when the duo Alone lead stars were seen together. As per one of the news appeared in a popular daily, the two were seen together watching a movie in a theatre. The two were also seen having good time together in a restaurant having dinner, which was just after the separation of Bips with Harman Baweja late night. The rumours are seen coming out too often about the two considering their increasing proximity which seems to have given all reason to announce Jenifer’s divorce and taking her abode to a different place instantly. Also, the separation with Harman from Bips too had the same reason as the dusky beauty was more inclined towards Karan than being attached to his boyfriend.

Wrapping up

 Such romantic relationships don’t seem to be new as the co-stars might be doing so just for the publicity stunt in order to promote their movie. Well, we need to just wait for another few days in order to see whether it happens to be a promotional strategy or a serious kind or relationship. There is no two thought about the fact that Bips is catching up Karan, who is soon to get a divorce from his wife Jenifer. However, if you find the love and romance between Bips and Karan to be true then this would be one of the hottest couples in Bollywood. Right now, it’s all about wait and watch strategy as the time is the best factor.

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