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Befikre Movie Review

Befikre First Look

Celebrate Carefree love with Ranveer & Vaani in style amidst cool music and nice story

This Friday we have a solo release, which is one of the awaited movies in  B Town called Befikre. The film falls under romantic drama movie directed, written and produced by Aditya Chopra under his own banner Yash Raj Films. The film has Raveer Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor in the pivotal role. The film has one of the best locations as being shot in Paris and Mumbai and interestingly was shot in not less than fifty days. The film has the music from the talented duo directors like Vishal Shekhar while the background music is given by Mikey McCleary. The film was in news for having more than 20 kisses in it and had released its trailer in Paris considering the fact that the place is of love and romance.

The Plot

The film happens to be a story, which celebrates being the carefree in love. Meet a Delhi based boy called Dharam played by Ranveer Singh who happens to be a quintessential person from India. He comes to Paris the city of love for the search of adventure job. And just when he is all set to embark over the journey of his life, he simply bumps over the wild and free spirited girl of Indian origin in Paris called Shyra played by Vaani Kapoor. Soon they engage into a feisty romance simply ensues the fact that they are of two personalities one is being equal match to the other that are found with no limits. Amidst moving with their own ups and downs, the two realize that the love is nothing but a leap of faith, which can only be considered by those who have the guts to love.


Aditya Chopra is known to have made a number of movies including of diverse themes and characters however, their specialization in making love stories have been in place since time immemorial. In fact, his father has been smart filmmaker and has known for making some of the best love stories. In many ways, his legacy of making love stories is transmitted to his son Aditya to some extent and Befikre can be called as one of the films wherein his art and creativity can be gauged the best. Thanks to his filmmaking skills that has drawn the actors in a perfect lane with a competitive story of love and friendship. His job is wonderful in shaping up the character and shaping up a film filled with all the content and elements that can easily attract the movie goers to the film. Right from having the maximum number of kisses to the oomph moments there is lot many things in the film which make all the difference for many decent film content.

Star Performances

Let’s talk about Ranveer Singh playing the character of Dharam the quintessential man from Delhi. Well, he is enthusiastic, full with fun and all the elements with life and vigor, he has showcased the character so well that at times it gives a feeling that he and this character are made for each other. Vaani Kapoor has  all together a new avatar it this film, in fact, she has shedded all her inhibitions like right from donning the bikini girl on the beaches to the stripping off at the library, she was able to smartly soar the temperature with her bold avatar in this outing. In fact, she has perfectly shaped herself to this character giving her best on the silver screen allowing the audience to stick to their seats without actually seeing the to take any loo break.

Direction, music and other elements

Direction for the film seems flawless and it can be witnessed how despite having so many jobs for the director, the film was made with great perfection. This has therefore made the film to score more in terms of having all the elements of species the film could have to give nothing but the best to the audience. Talking about the music of the film, it has all the peppy song, which are targeted to the people who are young at heart and even can be called the best from Vishal Shekar. At least the two tracks from the film like Nashe Si Chadh Gayi and Labon Ka Karobar really makes the sense and are seen doing better over the chartbuster. Lastly the other elements like editing and other technical stuff seemed par to the requirements of the audience and together have helped the people to secure nothing but the best.

Befikre The Last Word

Befikre is all about celebrating the love without any care and the most. The film has all the required elements that can together make the film a good catch for this week. However, considering the skin show and openly love story it can be a trend changer thing in B Town wherein things have simply gone out of proportion for love and lust and that there is barely any difference between the two. Yet can be given a decent rating.

Rating -4.0

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