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BB16: Shaleen Bhanot competed against Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia for the captaincy task

Bigg Boss 16 is the most popular and controversial show in the television industry. The audience adored the contestants’ fantastic performances in the first episode. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was appointed captain of the team on the first day of the competition. In a recent episode, Bigg Boss called Nimrit Kaur and informed her that she had been sacked. Additionally, she was called inside the confessional. She was informed there that Bigg Boss was dissatisfied with her leadership and would be taking it away from her. But by fighting for it, he offered her a chance to keep it.

The competitor who rings the gong in the garden area first will face off against Nimrit, he declared to all of the candidates watching the confession as they were seated in the living area. Shalin Bhanot was the first to ring the gong as they sprinted to the garden area.

They were each given a challenge by Bigg Boss that required them to stand on a platform with baskets on their heads while other competitors filled each basket until it was too heavy for them to bear. A flower pot is placed in Nimrit’s basket by Sreejita De. Shalin receives a glass jar from Saundarya, but the game is altered by Shiv Thakare’s addition of three dumbbells. Shalin discards the hamper. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was named the task’s winner by Sajid Khan, the task’s sanchalak, and she continued to serve as captain of the house.

Also in the episode, Abdu Rozik surprises everyone by displaying his pricey shoes, which he says have genuine gold on them. The housemates find it adorable as he dives into the pool while wearing pink shorts.

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