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BB16 : Real Bigg Boss enters the house for the FIRST time of the show!

Viewers follow every single season of Bigg Boss. Because it has spice, love, fights, games, and many more. But we’re all big fans of that voice who all time sounds like ‘Bigg Boss Chahte Hai.’ This 16th season is very interesting, it is different from the previous seasons as this time BB is playing the game with the contestants. But this season is even more merriment as Bigg Boss has also entered the house. Yes, you read right! Vijay Vikram Singh, the real voice of Bigg Boss, is about to enter the show.

In the upcoming episode, the contestant has to ignore the guest for a ration. The new promo of BB has been released in which a new task has been given to the contestants some guests will come into the house and the housemates have to ignore them. If someone is successful in ignoring more than three times, then the ration basket will disappear. The first two guests come and disturb Shaleen Bhanot while eating chicken in front of him.

Real Bigg Boss enters the house:

The real blast happens when Bigg Boss himself comes to the house. Vijay Vikram Singh, the real voice of Bab, comes to the house and starts reading loudly the letters which have come from the house of the contestants. When he goes to Tina Dutta she controls herself but when he goes to Sumbul Touqeer and started her father’s letter she could not stop her tears.

Seeing BB Live, his fans are also showing a lot of excitement for the upcoming episode. Tell you that Vikram is a voice artist and he is giving his voice for some seasons of Bigg Boss.

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