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Barkhaa Movie Review : An unspoken helm of wings for a peaking girl

Barkhaa is one of the movies hitting this Friday. It is a women centric movie, which revolves around a life of a girl known as Barkha and the relationship she has with his man. The film has actors like Sara Loren, Taaha Shah and Shweta Pandit in the lead roles along with actors like, Priyanshu Chatterjee and Puneet Issar are also seen in different supporting characters. The movie is directed by Shadaab Mirza, while it is produced by Shabana Hashmi. The music comes from Amjed Nadeem, and is among the mid budget films of Bollywood. Now, let’s dig deep into the film to have its review.

Let’s start with the plot or story of the film, which revolves around the life of a girl called Barkha played by Sara Loren. The film has an intense storyline, the romance you find in Barkhaa is really very much refreshing and real, which starts with a girl called Barkha who is a bar dancer. There she comes across a young man called Jatin played by Tahir Shah who is the son of a wealthy lawyer. This follows the melodrama, which seems to be at the bay in B Town movies these days. The director smartly able to weave the emotional yarn regarding Barkhaa’s journey from the immaculate Himachal vicinity into a beer bar managed by a benevolent South Indian man who gives work to young girls securing their lives from the hub of flesh market in the dream city. The unmatched couple creates furore in the society, which puts the two into different trials and tribulations. Hence what follows at the end is interesting to catch.

Now, let’s talk about performances. Since its a woman centric film, hence Sara Loren has a greater part to play in it. You find Sara Loren emotively motivated and simply understand the camera and power of heightened emotions that are expressed over the silver screen and thus robustly showcase the sea of emotions via her eyes and voice. Regrettably, Sara Loren’s strong performance is seen being saddled with some bizarre coincidences and unconvincing twists and turns in the story which seems to, destined to diminish her screen presence. However, the finest performance comes from Ashiesh Roy as the level headed incredibly compassionate bar owner. Roy is seen imparting a natural ease to his over sweetened part in the movie wherein everybody strains out to make a good impact.

The story of the film simply tends to veer dangerously close to the theatrical tale, especially after the middle of the movie when the proceedings start to turn absurdly close to the shameful. Yet, you can find an impression of sincerity in the way the life of the bar dancer is humanised without making her look like an angel. The film doesn’t really glamorise and caricaturise the bar dancer the way you find Farah Khan doing the same in her last movie “Happy New Year”. At the very same time, the narrative is not seen tolerating the bar dancer being dubbed like a courtesan. Also, you can find a reformist kind of zeal in the script, which B.R. Chopra was known for wherein marrying a bar girl who is a mother of a little girl becomes mandatory. However, in reality, such women become the victim of social hypocrisy. The other factors like photography, screenplay and editing didn’t seem that impressive.

Barkhaa Review Last word

“Barkhaa” can be called as a rhapsody of drama and romance. You can call it a heart-warming at times, apart from being a touching tale of an innocent girl and her journey into the world of deceit, corruption and compromise. At times, you get the feeling of Raj Kapoor film called Ram Teri Ganga Maili or the movie Pakeezah from Kamal Amrohi in a sense the respectable refined upper class is shown to exploit women of scanty means. Haowever, Sara Loren is not at all Meena Kumari though she kills the part very much better than Mandakini in Raj Kapoor’s fevered film.

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