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The Bare Body Parade Debate in Bollywood

Nudity Debate in Bollywood

The recent Kim Kardashian’s almost nude picture shoot for one of the paper magazine has unleashed a new trend in the B Town of exposing for making headlines in the media. It went so wild over the media that even others like Sofiya Hayat was seen treading the similar path the very same day when Kim Kardashian’s story broke in the media. The story of bare body parade in Bollywood doesn’t end here. Also, surprisingly, it is no more a gender specific anymore as you can even find the male counterparts too are taking the legacy of nudity forward and showcasing themselves nude and obscene. The PK movie’s first poster is the glaring example to this argument.  Unlike the named models and legendary actor like Aamir Khan, this seems to be a popular trend in the glamorous world. At this juncture, when these ladies are seen showcasing their bodies all nude, let’s dig deep into the trend of Bare Body exposure going to rampant in the Bollywood industry:

Exposing the body an old phenomenon

The idea of obscenity in Bollywood and the Glam world of B Town dates back in the seventies and perhaps the first man to experiment with sex and hot or sensuality in Hindi movies was none other than Raj Kapoor. He is the man who has experimented sex and glamour in Hindi Cinema with his own gut feeling. If you remember his movie Bobby, the way Dimple at such a tender age has exposed in bikini suffices the argument against this man. Since then all his movies and others too were seen experimenting on sex and similar subjects asking the lady actors to actors to justify the characters played in Hindi Movies.

Why Exposure in Media?

Bollywood is one of the biggest filmmaking industries in the world. Around this big industry there exist a number of groups and professions, which also make an industry itself. Modelling, music world, print, electronic and web media talking about Bollywood also have evolved into a form of industry, which is hard to believe. These industries that have sustained over Bollywood even have given equal amount of opportunity to the actresses working in Hindi movies to expose.  The old axiom that nooky Sell seems working in these domains, hence whether you talk about print magazines asking for nude pictures for their cover pages or the electronic/web media, which opens up the can of worms in bringing out the actresses and even actors nude before the audience just to attract audience and build up their brand in the fierce competitive market.

Who are exposing?

Amidst the debate of obscenity and exposure in the media an important question, which arises is – who expose? Well, the ladies who are hungry for fame, name and money are the first one to expose. So, whether it is Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, Sofia Hayat or Kim Kardashian, the ladies who are hungry for making themselves to be the headlines are seen exposing the most. So, whether are they are seen into the remix music videos, having nude photo shoots for the magazine cover page or even sharing their pictures over their Twitter handle, they are seen making headlines talking obscene and vulgar over the media, the idea is to garner name, fame and of course money. At times even the veteran actors too are seen exposing. However, today, the art of showing and exposing also has evolved in the form of creativity. Vidya Balan and Aamir Khan set an excellent example who dares to expose before the camera in the name of creativity. So, blaming alone the poor Kim or Sofia is not justified.

Who will decide what is vulgar?

Who would determine, what’s obscene? As per the filmmaking experts, this would eventually escalate to the viewer discretion. However, what’s happening in the case of Kim and Sophia is nothing but vulgarity to its height and what is raunchy is raunchy, there is no two ways about the same. At times you may find certain videos or pictures having grotesque camera angles and shots, which is obviously going to sell or you may not have several people around. However, a more would depend upon the man behind the cameras and the one produces such content. It can be racy since it has been produced that way, hence it cannot afford to be hidden behind the bars or screen of delicacy.

Wrapping up

A number of photos shoot for magazine covers and even films the B Town actors and glam world models have started rising up their sex quotient. However, the debate lies to the fact that there has to be a line, which shouldn’t be crossed. Anything, which falls under the aesthetics could be fine, however, the moment it is seen crossing that fine line as in the case of Kim and Sarah, it is nothing but obscenity, which not only kills the art, culture, and even cinema and such things are allowed, it can even kill the civilization.

# The views expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessary reflect or represent the views of CineTalkers.

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