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Bangistan Movie Review

Bangistan Movie Review

This Friday, you have two films releasing, which include the Karan Anshuman directed film called Bangistan. It is a comedy satire, which is produced by the talented duo- Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani under the banner – Excel Entertainment. The film has Riteish Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat and Chandan Roy Sanyal in the pivotal roles. Also, Jacqueline Fernandez has appeared in one of the cameos in the film. Besides, you have Kumud Mishra, Arya Babbar and Tomasz Karolak in the supporting roles in this film. The music for the film has been carried out by Ram Sampath whereas the Cinematography is carried out by Szymon Lenkowski. Now, it’s time to dig in to get the crux of the film as under:

Bangistan Story/Plot

The film is all about following the lives of two clumsy terrorists who go for a mission to change the world. Riteish Deshmukh plays the Hindu terrorist, while Pulkit Samrat plays Muslim terrorist backed by their crazy ideologies trying to expose the hollowness of the ideas, which propel people to tread the path of terrorism. All these are carried out amidst humor and funny ways giving you a comedy film showcasing the ideas of terrorism in a comic style. So, what happens when the two wanna-be terrorist, while moving on the mission to change the world end up doing something at the climax is indeed interesting to catch for the audience.

Bangistan Script Analysis

The film is a satire comedy, which deals one of the most sensitive issues of Humanity. Critically speaking, they have debased the intensity of the issue, which gives a wrong impression. However, on the other side, it happens to be a unique concept, which the filmmakers have tried to exploit and perhaps if things work then one can expect a good return from this venture. Now, digging deep, the film takes a slow start in the first half, confusing the audience to some extent indulging the audience with some humor but more often, the giggle and smiles seemed too superficial. The film seemed slow and director has tried to bring out the best from the lead stars and to some extent he seems successful.

Bangistan Star Performances

Talking about the performances, Riteish Deshmukh seemed okay with his perfect coming timing, however, he was the lone survivor of this film considering the absence of some good performances from the other actors including the Dolly Ki Doli actor Pulkit Samrat. The others too remained below average in the film, which failed to lift the film. May be the director failed to harness the best talent out from them, which failed to see some incredible performances. Most of the time, the humor seen in the film too seemed very much hollow. All thanks to the shallow performance of the actors in the lead role.

Also, the music has failed to live up to expectations despite being promoted by T Series and branded name behind it. The songs have been getting cold response in the media and also from others. Well, if we talk about its director Anshuman, he has been often known for being the critic of many movies, however, now he seems to be lagging behind in terms of content and performance, so, shall he be at the receiving end, yes, he should be and honest enough to confess that he has made a bad film for the audience.

Bangistan Review- The Last Word

The film Bangistan has certain ironies, which has made things bad to worse for the film. The irony starts with the content to performances and music and other things. This is perhaps the reason why the film has failed to promote better over the box office. For the producers, it can be a make or break film, it works they can earn a decent revenue if it not, then they do not need to worry as they have certain good projects ahead. The film is termed as the story of two prospective terrorists representing lofty ideologies. With ordinary talent, Bangistan has literally failed in keeping alive the serendipitous high-energy, exceptionally entertaining events and fast-pace story, which the filmmakers have claimed for the film. Hence, the film failed to put a good impact on the audience forget about the world peace in it.

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