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Bang Bang Vs Haider- who will win the battle ?

Haider vs Bang Bang

2nd October 2014, would be an interesting day in the history of Bollywood since it has two big releases coming together this year. At one end, you have the Bang Bang starring the stylish actor – Hrithik Roshan and Katreena, while at the other end, you have Haider starring the chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. This would really pose a touch choice before the audience to choose in between the two, as both happens to come from the bigwigs of Bollywood. The experts feel that it is not a smart decision to release the two movies together; however, considering the number of holidays witnessed here; the filmmakers could have made such decision. Also, both the movies have their genres as different, hence you would not find the two movies killing competition. Yet, you would find a small drop in the audience share for both the said films for being released on the same day. Let us compare the two and understand which movie has the potentials to do the buzz in the market.


The movie has the director who happens to be a veteran of Bollywood called Vishal Bharadwaj. He is known to make a number of classic B Town movies in the past including Omkara and Maqbool. His love for William Shakespeare has been incredible, which makes Haider his third movie on the story of the literature legend, which is based on the story of Hamlet. You can therefore find the movie to be very much intense wherein the film would carry a number of golden moments both from Shahid and Tabu. Also, you have Irrfan Khan, Kay Kay Menon and Shraddha Kapoor in the main leads who were known for acting the best in different movies of the past. The trailer of Haider seems to have garnered good response, getting more than one million views within 48 hours. Ever since the trailer embarked over the social media, it has created a good buzz and fuss inside the audience.

The Flip side of Haider

However, looking at the veteran director- Vishal Baradwaj, he is not a man who is known to direct commercial movies. Indeed, his movies did good business in the past over the box office; hence, you can expect similar performance from Haider as well. It is co produced by Shahid, while the production cost is less especially when you compare it with Big Bang, which can work in the favour of the movie. The tight budget witnessed in the movie would certainly going to work in the favour of Haider especially when it has big budget movies like Bang Bang on the other side.

Bang Bang

This high buzz movie of Bollywood with huge budget has hot stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. It is said to be an official remake of the Hollywood movie called Knight And Day with lead stars like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. This can be called as an out of the way commercial action flick. Hence, it is very much expected to do good over the box office. You can catch here some of the most stylish action scenes in it, unlike witnessed in the original movie called Knight and Day. This will certainly become a catch for the younger generation audience. Also, the songs, teaser and trailer of the movie has already garnered a good response on the social media sites.

The Flip side of Bang Bang

The high budget movie especially in comparison to the Haider would be a matter of concern for the filmmakers. It would be rather difficult for them to recover the money in just few days considering the fact that they would face the heat of competition laid by Haider. Secondly, you can call Bang Bang to be a typical masala movie, which has everything that a youth audience would aspire to see- the hot babe Kat, power packed action from Hrithik, some incredible dance from the stylish actor and similar other things, which add the spice in it. However, the experts feel that the movie could be a hit over urban areas, though it may have a dull performance in the interiors wherein only mindless action get recognition rather than craftily carried out flips.

The two actors say on the clash

The same day clash of the two movies has certainly recorded the reactions from the lead actors (Hrithik and Shahid) of these movies – Bang Bang and Haider. Hrithik simply called 2nd October to be a great day wherein two really good movies are hitting the theatres, and both would be doing excellent business. Similar was the reaction of Shahid Kapoor as well, he applauded the action and performance of Hrithik. However, Shahid cited about the edge his movie has on budget front, which will certainly going to help them recover their money in no time giving them better ROI (return on investment) as compared to Bang Bang.

Haider and Bang Bang in perspective of business

The trade pundits feel that the two movies come out with two different story lines and therefore have two different audience bases. This means the cut off business rate would be low as both the movies are potential enough to do good business in their respective business domain. Haider is classier hence; the audience with such taste would turn up to watch it for sure, while Bang Bang is a masala movie, which can call the masala loving people. Contrary to this perspective, we have a view of experts of the opposite camp, which feel that two good movies coming together on the same day would really hamper the business of each other. Yet, a majority of the audience would like to watch both the movies, therefore one thing is sure, both would be doing the best the best.

Wrapping up

On comparing the two movies in terms of performance, content, star value and other elements, both the movies are more likely to do well over the box office. Since you have a long weekend, with so many holidays coming, a large chunk of audience would have enough time to watch both the movies with friends and family. The only difference would embark in the form of ROI (return on investment), when Haider would gain more for having tight budget and on the other hand Bang Bang would take a little time to get a smart ROI at the end.

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