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Bang Bang Music review

bang-bang music review

The Bang Bang is all set to hit next month, however, its music has embarked over the media. Its album can be called as extremely conventional. The music is composed by the duo directors known as Vishal-Shekhar, who all have given us the five different tracks. However, as you dig them deep, you would find all these five tracks simply lacks the novelty and reek in their previous compositions. Considering their incredible skills to produce quality music, the songs could be worth listening but the same do fail to make a good impression. This album can be called as a classic case, which is out of sight and out of mind and it would soon dim down as the buzz of the movie is getting over.

Let’s start with Tu Meri, wherein you can find the expression coming out in a mushy and sluggish kind of romantic music. The lyrics however, is quintessential, though the Vishal Dadlani seems to have sung it in hurry, which makes us feel the groovy feelings. Also, you may not find anything interesting in musical preparations, however, the standard beats are seen working in the favour of this song. Tu Meri may fail to become the favourite of iPod but it still has the likability to make it a foot tapping number.

Next comes the song Meherbaan, well, if you are among the fans of Vishal-Shekhar, this is among the typical music, which they are known to focus over. This song simply reminds their Ishqqala Love from Student of the year. You can call this as one of the fabulous guitar item backed by soulful vocals.

Let’s check the Uff. This song can be called as a complex song, which comes out with a number of variations in it that fail to fit into the song properly. Even though you may find the lyrics to be competent, yet the variations at most of the time appear to be a big distraction in this song. You may find a low recall value in it. Though the singer Harshdeep Kaur has tried out to appear a bit different with her unusual Sufi singing style, yet at large it fails to impress the listeners.

The other in the album is the Reprise or Meherbaan, which can be called as a delight. The acoustics comes from Bapi or Sanjoy Das and Keba Jeremiah. You can call this song as simpler, which comes with a deeper feeling in it. The Vocals may fail to get the highlight of this version, however, the musical arrangements can be called as so. The languid nature of the song really is seen working out the right way.

Last comes the title song called Bang Bang. You would find the song starting with the old disco music very much evident during the eighties. On listening hard, you would realise as if you are listening to the old song called Staying Alive by Bee Gees. You may get a feeling that this song has been heard too often. Hence you can call its composition as a crime as it seems to have inspired by the epic. It an only appear to be impressive provided you hear the song with its videos since the latter comes with more power and vigour thus filling the gaps easily.

Final word – Bang Bang Music review

The soundtrack of Bang Bang cannot be called as brilliant piece just because it has a several tired and tested elements of B Town music. Though Vishal-Shekhar are known to give something incredible, however, this time they have failed to add their magic for which the duo is known for. The music of Bang Bang really lacks the shock factor.

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