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Bang Bang Movie Review – Hrithik Striking The Box Office

Bang Bang review

The much-awaited movie Bang Bang is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow the 2nd October 2014. It is directed by Siddharth Anand, while is produced by the Fox Star Studios. It is a remake of the popular Hollywood movie called Knight and Day wherein Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz played the lead characters. The lead roles in Bang Bang include the stylish actor Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif and Danny Denzongpa, whereas the music for the movie is composed by none other than the duo – Vishal – Shekhar. The movie is hitting in Hindi apart from the two south Indian languages like Telugu and Tamil, while it would be releasing in more than 4500 screens both in India and worldwide.

Now, let us check the plot of the movie, you have the super hero in this movie – Hrithik Roshan, who is playing the character of Rajveer. He is a charming man who is fond of messing up with numerous baddies thus leading a life on edge all the time. However, this life on edge is not just for any fun or leisure, but to secure something priceless called the Kohinoor. On his eddy life, he meets a simple bank receptionist called Harleen Sahni played by Katrina, who gets impressed by the charming looks of this man called Rajveer and way he plays with fire and edge and deals with lethal conditions. The more she meets this man the more she enters into the troubles, which this guy lives with, however, she is simply unaware about the root cause of these manmade mayhems. The story continues with the two coming together, however, what really goes at the end is interesting to catch up in the climax while you literally watch the movie.

As far as Siddharth Anand is concerned, he would be definitely remembered for his incredible flick, though he wasn’t that powerful in his earlier movies in terms of action. While in Bang Bang, you would get to see loads of action in the form of open shootouts, car chases, breath taking stunts, etc, however, at most of the junctures, you would see the logics here often dumped down into the dustbin. Yet if you compare with its original flick – Knight and Day, Siddharth was smart enough to take lessons from the mistakes committed in the Hollywood flick. Despite this caution, the movie Bang Bang is seen suffering some occasional suffering due to is weak screenplay, which at times would be hard to digest. Secondly, the way Rajveer is seen playing with her girl friend using and misusing her for various reasons and places seemed amusing. Thirdly, there is no doubt you would find some of the most picturesque places from Shimla, Manali, Thailand, Prague and Abu Dhabi, but all these changed so drastically that they appear nothing but a slide show, which could lead you to question your logic to know how things worked.

As far as the performances are concerned, the duo – Hrithik and Katrina are simply scripted to spend time together over the dire danger. The bullets often pass close to them, while they do survive whole lot of time staying at the edge of their life, be it on the bike, train or car. Amidst this action packed movie, Hrithik was seen pulling each and every action sequence with utter professionalism and the kind of moving expressions he builds up in seriously awesome. And when he deals with Katrina, his gentle and sober rib-ticking attitude towards her girlfriend sound simply unparalleled. Katrina in her character of a simple and innocent girl was fabulous, while the way she has showcased her hesitation and fear is simply incredible. The bad man in the film is Danny Denzongpa too was impressive in his negative character, while Javed Jaffrey and Pawan Malhotra too were awesome in their respective jobs.

Siddharth Anand though had been known for too many misses than the hits, yet with Bang Bang, he has proved his worth in B Town. He wasn’t seen compromising in bringing out one of the best and power packed action in it. Thanks for roping in The Amazing Spiderman 2 famed action director- Andy Armstrong was simply outstanding in putting across some of the best action and stunts and trust me, most of these would make you crazy and grip you giving no loo breaks in the movie. The music from Vishal-Shekhar is already on the top of the chartbuster, the songs in the movies are often used on a right time and moment. Similar were the story of cinematography and other aspects of this movie.

Bang Bang Review Last word

If you judge the original flick Knight and Day with Bang Bang, you would be surprised to find two different conclusions. When the former would lead to ripping your hair for the number of irrational sequences in it, the latter one comes just the opposite. Ever since the teaser promo of Bang Bang has surfaced, it has clearly showcased that the movie has some of the best action sequences and other elements, which can attract the audience far and wide. Siddharth with this movie has some of the best comeback in Bollywood for which he will be certainly remembered for while Hrithik Roshan has perfectly nailed the script with utter fineness and professionalism. Perhaps it would be hard to compare the aura of action with the Knight and Day. In nutshell, Bang Bang is his core creation, wherein he is successful in showcasing the death defying combative masala entertainment movie to the thirsty audience. Lastly, you can call this movie justifying the humongous fuss and buzz, which was created all these days as Bang Bang turned out to be the talk of the town.

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