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Bang Bang Makes 304 Crores Gross Business Globally

BANG BANG!!! I guess you might have forgotten the rocking movie of the month, did you? But, I’m sure for the loving fans of Hrithik Roshan and the hot Katrina Kaif, it’s nearly impossible to erase those thoughts from their minds, but just think about this we never ever thought off that, despite the promos and tracks which were actually catching some trends in B town, can one day smash the box office collection, and that to with an eye catchy number! Let’s have a quick brushing of your thoughts; the movie revolves around stealing of world famous stone on the earth ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ which was superbly stolen by Hrithik as ‘Rajveer’ but in the end with a shocking climax, it is said that the stealing of diamond was just a joke in order to grab the terrorist.

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Coming back on the track about the collection, though the movie grabbed the eye catchy collection with a huge number 30Crores in just first day, but hold the success of the movie doesn’t end up with this! The collection continued to become an eye catchy number with 80Crores in the weekend. Isn’t a huge number? Yes, indeed! But, do you think that the movie’s hunger of money end up with this? No, of course not, the movie finally broke the records and stood up with 8th rank by collecting 304Crores globally

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