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Balika Vadhu actress flaunts her baby bump!

Jeetu Likhar



Malini Kapoor

Malini Kapoor

Actress Malini Kapoor is expecting to welcome her first child later in this month  (November) and she is  living all her special time. Recently she flaunted her baby bump in a never beautiful way. The way family is taking her care is adorable. Father to be, Actor Ajay Sharma seem all prepared to rock with the little one on the hand her sister and popular Swaragini actresd Shalini kappor is also giving her time and enjoying with Malini.

“As November is here, my heart is beating faster. It’s a mixed feeling. I am scared and excited at the same time. Each morning is different. Sometimes I feel scared because of the pain I may have to go through during delivery, and excited because soon I will have my baby in my arms,” Malini Kapoor who is married to Ajay Sharma, said in a statement.

When asked, she looking for a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ she answered, “I’m ready for nyone of it. I’m ready with Pink and blue stuff for them.”

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