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Bahubali: Grooving & Smashing Records Becomes First Hindi Movie to Touch 500Cr Club

Jeetu Likhar




The movie whose magnifying waves were revolving just to grab as much audience as it can, a movie which has slapped a tight attraction amongst the viewers just by releasing it’s marvelous trailer on the floor, has indeed created a historical record which will be the toughest and unbeatable target to any of the looming Bollywood movies. Yes, you’re thinking right we are depicting about the glamorous movie ‘Bahubali’ which is hot like anything with the sensational leading stars like Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, under the directions of name fame S. S. Rajamouli the movie was in the air since 10th July 2015 and has hit around 4,000 plus screens worldwide in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam languages.

Guess what, as the title grooving the content the movie has blasted in Box office collection as a gem to become the first non-Hindi film to enter the Rs 500-crore club. Reaching to a level that was beyond expectations, despite the movie was the most expensive movies of all but as it is well said to invest on something good is actually better for your tomorrow, the same way Bahubali is. The movie also stars Ramya Krishna, Anushka and Tamanna as leading stars however, if we talk about the Bollywood response on the same then the movie spark have reached to peaks that have given a shinning from different mega stars of Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan and the one n only superstar Shahrukh Khan on the same.

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