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Bahubali 2 Movie Review : Visually striking film with captivating VFX effects

Bahubali 2 Movie Review

Bahubali 2 Movie Review:

Director– S. S. Rajamouli

Star cast – Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati and Tamannaah

Genre – mythological/period fantasy

Studio – Arka Media Works

Rating – 4.0

In 2015, the Telugu import Bahubali: The Beginning managed to achieve something that not even the Big Brother Bollywood can only hope for. With that one masterstroke, the film’s director SS Rajamouli succeeded in drawing largely home-bound masses (and the classes) away from their TV sets to the theatre making Bahubali: The Beginning not only one of the greatest box-office forces to ever rule the Indian marquee but also created enough hunger for the sequel. The wait for many Bahubali fans is now over. The film’s star-studded second and final instalment, Baahubali: The Conclusion with a repeat troupe of Prabhas as the superhero-like Shiva, Anushka Shetty as Maharani Devasena, Tamannaah as Avanthika and Rana Daggubati as the baddie Bhallaladeva, opens with much fanfare and loudly enthusiastic pre-release fireworks.

Bahubali Review

The performances in the film is just perfect with every actor doing a brilliant job in their respective roles. Both Prabhas and Rana, for some outstanding work, especially for Rana who excels in portraying the angry smoldering eyed King Bhallala. Ramaya Krishnan, despite being in a supporting role manages to leave an impact. The other two supporting cast members Nasser and Satyaraj as Bijjaladeva and Kattappa are impressive as well. This time the way S.S. Rajamouli envisions and executes on screen is simply awesome in fact much better than the prequel.

When it comes to filming on epic scale and blowing money like explosives, few native film industries in India can beat Telugu cinema, Andhra Pradesh’s home-grown popcorn factory. The country’s other regional cinema is still lagging behind miles in terms of lavish budgets. One of the earliest films to be mounted on a lavish scale in India was a Telugu blockbuster, 1933’s Savitri, a Mahabharata legend retold on cinema. Made at a budget of Rs 10 lakh, a hefty sum then, it was one of the most expensive films of its time.

Let’s not forget the grandiose sets to the VFX, which is as good as any high end Hollywood movie. Needless to claim that the film comes in an equal arm balance, hence the elements like sound, edit and cinematography tend to remain par with any top Hollywood movie. Well talking about the screen it can be called as “beyond fantastic” apart from the “mind-blowing” story, screenplay, dialogues and music.

Bahubali Last word

The film has been called an epic which has a special mention to Prabhas and Rana for their outstanding work. It but natural to call Baahubali 2 a “marvel” comparable to the best of Hollywood, which is all set to break all records as the previous ones found in Bollywood or any other industry.

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