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Bahu Begam: This show of Colors will be closed soon

Colors TV’s show Bahu Begam, which launched in July this year, is going to close early next month. The show, which features Arijit Taneja, Diana Khan and Samyukta Jaiswal, will be off-air only after completing six months.

A source associated with the show said, “When it was launched, we had expected it to last at least one-and-a-half years. Initially, the ratings were also quite encouraging. However, now its ratings have come down considerably in recent times.”

Sources further added that “Although the date for the show to be off-air has not been announced yet, we have been informed by the production house that the show is likely to conclude in the first half of January.”

A five-year leap was also taken on the show recently to raise the ratings of the show but now it is anticipated, all attempts to revive the ratings have gone in vain and so Colors and the show’s production team are now on Colors’ show Bahu Begam going to off air.

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