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Baadshaho Movie Review : Might be high on macho-ism but it is low on logic that unfortunately remains a Bad Show

Baadshaho might be High on macho-ism but it is low on logic that unfortunately remains a Bad Show

Movie Name: Baadshaho
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Vidyut Jammwal, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Lisa Haydon, Sanjay Mishra, Ileana D Cruz
Director: Milan Luthria
Genre: Drama, action, thriller
Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins

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Rating -2.0

The film happens to be a thriller, which is set in the emergency era of the 1975-77. It comprises of a group of thugs (Ajay, Emraan & others) who are being given the responsibility to transport a truck of gold to Delhi via road. Ileana D’Cruz as Gitanjali is a queen of a province based in Rajasthan, when she is raided by the Indian state, she is found with loads of gold in it, which is to be transported by the Indian government to Delhi. She conspires a plan with the group of thugs headed by Ajay Devgn as Bhawani. Will she be able to succeed in this plan is an interesting thing to explore, which can be seen in your nearest movie.
The film’s trailer might have created a huge buzz with its high octave action and thrill but when you start to catch the film, you would regret to watch this film for its silly dialogues and twisted characters. It has loads of action, the Sunny Leone’s raunchy moves and the incredible love between the thug and the queen of the province but Luthria forgot to add some worthy story to fit them all in. Rather he was seen glorifying his macho men by simply parading them with a blaring background score. In the entire run time of this film, it can olny let you catch some exhaustive exercises in the vanity along with cheap love and cheap thrills.

Now talking about the performances, Ajay Devgn is seen sticking to his black uniform along with wearing a broody expression without even caring to give any depth to his character called Bhawani. Ileana D’Cruz however, in her character of Gitanjali seems shining like a pearl while Vidyut Jamal as a cop has not much except to show his wavy long hair and killer abs. Both Esha Gupta and Emraan Hashmi tries to add fun and other elements but fails to deliver with par. However, Sanjay Mishra is delightful playing the crazy Guruji who gives humour in any and every situation. The music and other elements are below average and do not contribute much to the entertainment value of the film.

Baadshaho The Last Word

The film is all about the hue and cry with loads of action but as said the director has forgotten to add an apt story in it. All we can see is cheap love and weird action, which cannot just make the film worthy to catch this weekend. Unfortunately, Baadshaho simply remains a bad show.


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