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B-Town has a new hunk, San Mahajan!

San Mahajan

San Mahajan had served in the British Army before he took to running his own successful venture in Travel and Hospitality business back in the UK.   Recently, he made his debut in an action packed role he played in Suneel Darshan’s ‘Ek Haseena Thi, Ek Deewana Tha’.

Even though it was a brief character role he played in the film, his prowess for executing the action sequences was widely appreciated by the industry honchos who saw the film.

“I had met Suneelji in UK during the recci of the film, and he had mentioned about a role for me.”  says San.   “True to his words, I got a call from him couple of months later that they would like to start shoot for my role”.

Even though San hails from around Ludhiana, Punjab, and has visited the country recently for the promotion of his  film, it was his first visit to Mumbai.   He spent time catching up with his friend and mentor Suneel Darshan and also managed to spend some time meeting a few producers to discuss future film projects both in Hindi and Punjabi.

San looks forward to returning to the city to explore the opportunities and is open to working in  other film industry too.

About San Mahajan :

San Mahajan, born to a Punjabi family residing in the village of  Ludhiana, Punjab, moved to the UK to make a living.  He was recruited by the British Army where he finished his training and served the army  until 2015.   He started his own firm specializing in Catering/Hospitality and also provide travel and immigration assistance in the UK and expanded his operations to Canada.

Since his acting break in “Ek Haseena Thi, Ek Deewana Tha” happened to him, San Mahajan is now looking forward to explore other opportunities in the Indian film industry.  Currently, he is shunting between UK, Canada and India for work purposes.

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