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B Town Actresses who Got pregnant before their marriage


The B Town is among the most happening place. Considering being a different world all together, it can have news and events of different types and nature. So, when you have live-in relationship witnessed in the industry the most, you also hear the news of different actresses getting pregnant at some point of time. In other words, there are many actresses who got pregnant before they actually got married. In fact, few of them got married after their baby bumps were seen visible over their bodies. Let’s check some of the Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before their marriage as under:

Sri Devi

She is the wife of popular filmmaker Boney Kapoor. Not many would know that she happens to be the second wife of this man. Yes when she was in Bombay during her days of struggle, she had no place to live in the city. It was Boney Kapoor and his first wife who gave her own home. Soon we heard that she had an affair with Boney Kapoor and soon turned pregnant as well.  Well, Sri Devi then got married after the formal separation of Boney Kapoor and his first wife.


The lady actor was involved with a man called Kamal Hassan and had got pregnant even before the two got married. But amidst their relationship that soon went on the back burner we heard Hassan getting married to VaniGanapathy. But Sarika didn’t abort their child and went on to give birth to Shruti Hassan. Later they got married but for a formal separation.

Mahima Chaudhary

We barely hear about this actress of the past but not many know that she got married after she got married to the man. Well, her announcement for the marriage and divorce came together that too out of blue.

Amrita Arora

When she got married to her beau in a hurry not many guessed that she was pregnant with her hubby before the marriage. Well, the fact is she got pregnant and the couple had to plan their marriage out of blue.

Konkona Sen

She got married RanvirShorey out of blue when she was busy doing a film and dating this man. In fact, it was in September 2010 when the Sen got married to Shorey and it was in March when she delivered the baby, which obviously indicate that she was pregnant before she got married to her man though the couple never confessed about the same.

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