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Azaan Khan to debut in B Town with Baaghi Franchise

Jeetu Likhar



Azaan Khan


Azaan Khan is an actor, footballer, and trained gymnast. He hails from Mumbai where he was born on 3rd June 2001. He is the son of Ahmed Khan the popular filmmaker and Choreographer from B Town who has given films like Baaghi and Baaghi 2. He did his schooling from Mumbai, while he was in school he was active in sports particularly in Football and also tried his luck in gymnastics with proper training. His good looks attracted many brands to rope in as their model to market their brands. Thus during his teenage, he collaborated with brands like Zara Man, CK, Armani, Gucci, Car Collins for BMW, Jaguar, and Lamborghini.

Ever since he was in school he used to visit with his father on the film sets and is therefore often seen in many of the films of his father. He remained the part of many commercials as well apart from having seen closely the film making thing that developed his interest to enter into the B Town. He stayed in foreign to get exposure about the modern means of film making along with learning and mastering things about it.


Azaan Khan


Although he has not acted formally in any of the films his glimpses could be caught in the different film so his father and other people. His smart looks have given him too many compliments of being an actor from Hollywood. Now, he is gearing up for his debut in B Town with the film Baaghi 3 with Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor, while his father is the director of the film. He aspires to do Hollywood films but his start seems to have come with B Town.

Although Jeetu Likhar grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to have videogames or consoles at home, his relationship with gaming started at a young age through social interactions at gaming centres and his friends houses. With the advent of social media and the internet, he fell in love with gaming and movies even more because of how strong the bond of the online community was. Although now he is married with two kids, a beautiful job, and a comfortable job at a bank, gaming will always hold a special place in his heart.