Ayub Khan Shares His Journey On Working With The Major Bollywood Biggies

Ayub Khan

While many people love to have a glimpse of their favourite Bollywood stars, some people work hard and end up working with them. Getting an entry and working in Bollywood is not an easy task. But it is also not difficult, if you work hard towards it. Ayub Khan is a popular name who has been working in the film industry for 25 years. He is a renowned name in the entertainment industry and holds a great expertise in movie associations, movie promotions, movie branding, artist management, brand management, live shows, conceptual shows and much more. His unique promotional strategy and his eye for every detail have made him the favourite of top production houses and celebrities.

His company, Innovations Infotainment Pvt. Ltd redefines the term innovation in true sense as it has been the changing the scenario of event management across the country.  The company boasts in having the maximum movie launches and is constantly delivering the best conceptual products to its clients. Besides film promotions and celebrity management, Ayub Khan’s company also deals with arranging destination weddings, trade fairs, pageants, seminars, corporate meetings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties and much more.

With offering 360-degree services to the clients in the entertainment industry, the young man has worked with many prominent personalities of Bollywood including Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma among others. “Working for films is what I always wanted to do. After I decided to start my own even management company, I got a lot of appreciation for my work and many celebrities started getting associated with me. That’s how I expanded my company and here I am today.” His hard work and luck has helped him achieve big in life. Be it PR, celebrity management, movie promotions or wedding management, Ayub Khan has set his throne in every category and his hard work has truly paid off.

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