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Most Awaited Movies Of 2016

Most Awaited Movies Of 2016
Most Awaited Movies Of 2016

The year 2016 has been very good for movie buffs. From reality based films like Airlift and Neerja gripping people to pure entertainers like Sultan and Fan winning hearts all over the country, Indian Cinema is offering a good time to people. The delightful fact is there is so much to come in the future too. Many amazing films with good storylines and superstars are yet to be released. Here’s a list of most awaited movies of 2016 that will soon be released.

  1. Mohenjo Daro– We can’t wait to see Hrithik Roshan deliver an exceptional performance, can we? Mohenjo Daro seems to be just the answer to our prayers. The film depicts the story of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and the promos are making people curious. The film is set around 2600 BC and it is expected to be the biggest movie of 2016 in terms of scale.
  2. Dangal: The poster of the film is so expressive that people are dying to see the film. In a country where women are repeatedly repressed, the story of a father who trusts his daughters to be equal to men is simply amazing. The story is loosely based on the life of a person, Mahavir Singh Phogat. He prepared his two daughters to be wrestlers despite societal oppressions and they managed to add a shine to his name by achieving glory at the Commonwealth Games.
  3. Rustom: What happens when a decorated officer and a devoted husband finds himself in a terrible situation? The Akshay Kumar starrer is an answer to that. The film is based on the sensational Nanavati case of 1959 in which a husband kills her wife’s lover when he refuses to marry her. This film is a prime example of what people can do to protect their family honor. Book movie ticket in advance from leading website Bookmyshow, Inox, Adlabs, PVR.
  4. Dear Zindagi: The first look of the Shahrukh Khan-Ali Bhatt starrer has hit the screens just a few weeks back. The movie seems to be based on teaching some life lessons to a young girl by a mature man. It is yet to be revealed whether the duo will have a romantic relationship or not. If not, the story will likely be based on how a life coach helps a troubled and confused girl to find her way in life. If the story involves a romantic angle, we are curious to see how the pair of seasoned romantic actor Shahrukh Khan and much younger Alia Bhatt would look on screen.
  5. Rock On 2: Some films don’t need superstars to rule the charts. They need good content. Rock on was a prime example of that film. If the sources are to be believed, Rock On 2 will also likely rule the charts. The film has a well-woven story of the same characters that were seen in the first installment of the film. Now, the film depicts how their lives have changed and the viewers will be able to know the same characters from another time of their lives.
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