Avi Agarwal
Avi Agarwal

Avi Agarwal is an award-winning actor who has dabbled in many roles. He constantly challenges himself with different types of characters that require not only emotional changes but extreme physical changes as well. Without being conscious of appearance and just becoming the character on screen is his forte. He does complete justice to all characters. Acknowledging his talent Bessy Audit cast him as ‘Kapil’, a hipster, in the satirical short feature. It was for the 2018 AT&T SHAPE CREATE-A-THON competition. The movie “Revenge of the Mask” was awarded winner of the special mention at the One Reeler film festival in 2018. It’s a Los Angeles-based international awards competition that recognizes and promotes quality short feature films.

Bessy Audit is a film director, writer, and producer, who is best known for her short film ‘Escape Room’. The film won many awards and has been featured in over 40 international film festivals. “Bessy is a really hardworking director. She will do whatever it takes to get the performance out of her actors. Bessy’s vision for my character helped me make the choices that brought the character of Kapil to life.” reminisced Agarwal when asked about his experience of working with Bessy Audit.

Avi’s recent appearance in a satirical short feature, “Revenge of the Mask”, is a notable performance. He works brilliantly with his co-star, Jolie Vanier who is an award-winning actor, an author, and a philanthropist. Jolie is known for her performance in Shorts, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Astra Clover, and Foxx David to name a few. Agarwal shares “ Me and Jolie hit it off from the rehearsal itself. She was very easy going and not afraid of trying new things. This helped both of us to understand our characters better and do justice to the role.”

Avi’s superb acting adds to the horrors of the film. The movie is about the ever prevailing bullying in schools. It is a serious social issue that needs to be talked about more. “Mask of Revenge” is a story of a group of friends who have been bullying a fellow student to the point where she is deeply mentally hurt and resorts to revenge. She entraps them in a maze game and kills them off one by one using each one of their’s fears against them. She leaves one of them free to live who then narrates her horrifying experience to Kapil (Avi). Agarwal said, “He loved every moment of filming at the WARNER BROS. STUDIOS”. He also mentioned “the authenticity of sets makes the actor’s job much easier. It puts the actor in character the minute you step on the set. The realism makes the actors forget who they are on set and they are mentally engulfed in the surrounding.”

Bullying in schools has truly ruined the lives of many kids, mentally and physically. The trauma experienced at such an early age takes a toll on one’s self-worth and will to live. Many kids have resorted to suicide as the last means of getting rid of their horrifying memories of being bullied. A bully never realizes how he or she is destroying the person being bullied. The extent of trauma is different for all. This film addresses this issue where the bullied has made the decision of killing the people who tormented her by tormenting them in return. The movie has mixed a social issue awareness with the horror film genre.

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