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Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson two best friend who sold their properties to fulfill their passion for travelling

Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson at a very young age have proved his tremendous business sense and went on generating business opportunities and also making money and reaching thousands regarding the same that made him one of the most notable industrialist in the world.

Never the less this would come as a surprise to all that the woman Jennifer Watson and her Best Friend Austin Bayard was in itself one business institution keeping an adventure junkie alive in Austin. Guess who’d it be?

It was none other than Jennifer Watson. The woman protecting his home while he flies also made sure that they do get to fulfill their dream of travelling.

Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson truly are the trend setters of this generation to do something that was so unrealistic in today’s world and to fulfill their passion.

The two met at a stage where in both were having some serious struggles with their career.

This duo crossed all the hurdles coming their way just to fulfill their passion of excursion. The nomadic life attracted the couple to a level that Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson didn’t even hesitate before selling their properties in order to start their life adventures.

This best friends always lived for travelling. These adventure junkies travelled place to place visiting a number of countries making memories.

Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson have visited a number of countries like Brazil, Canada, Argentina, France, Berlin, Mexico and many more and both are all set to visit India and China this following year.

It really blows our mind to know that Austin Bayard and Jennifer Watson has never looked backed ever since and have actually enjoying been their lives to the fullest welcoming further adventures coming their way with open arms.

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