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Atrangi Re Trailer Review: The quirky trailer of Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush starrer is OUT

The trailer for Atrangi Re, starring Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Dhanush, was released on Wednesday afternoon, and the film is delivered with a generous dosage of magical realism. Rinku, Sara’s character, is torn between two worlds: her current reality and the one she inhabited millennia ago. The filmmaker, on the other hand, argues that Atrangi Re is far more than what we see in the teaser.

Here, each character is given a big entrance. Sara is particularly stunning because she is developing as an actor. She expresses the ambitions and aspirations of her gender, who balance life, home, and love on a daily basis, as she asks if a woman can have it all.

Atrangi Re reintroduces Dhanush, who is adored in Bollywood. His performance has a sincerity and warmth about it that you will remember. We believe the film would have been amazing in theatres, but it will instead be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. It’s also great to hear Tamil lines spoken by a Tamil actor in the film, demonstrating that the filmmaker is concerned about representation.
Akshay Kumar plays a strange guy who rides an elephant in the opening shot, performs a magic show with fire, and then gives a sermon from the Bible.

While the film’s exact nature is unknown, it is evident that it is a ‘atrangi’ (abnormal/extraordinary) love story with persons with “pure souls,” as the filmmaker claims. Earlier, Akshay revealed the first glimpses of Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush, and himself as characters in the upcoming film. The actor released the motion posters on social media, offering fans a look inside the colourful universe of the three characters. Sara will portray Rinku, and Dhanush will play Vishu.

Watch the trailer here:

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