Sunday, December 5, 2021
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“Asli Daud’s latest venture Bollydad becoming the new hub for the entertainment and Bollywood news!”

Another one of the Asli Media group’s creations, with innovation in mind, Bollydad is a subsidiary of the Asli Media Group. A news portal greatly inclined towards the entertainment industry and Bollywood news, Bollydad as recently created a huge buzz. Launched by the Asli Media Group, the Founder-Asli Daud and CEO- Asli Saif are maestros and visionaries. The proximate duo is not only close friends but also share a common vision. They have already effectuated the plans to make Bollydad the leading platform for the entertainment news.

With Daud’s abundant experience gained in the media fields and having handled 1000+ worthy artists, influencers, and celebs and many new talents over a plethora of platforms, Bollydad is an innovation to spike up the news standards of the Bollywood and entertainment industry. With the most acute and creative news, to one of the swiftest platforms available, Bollydad has till now exhibited the characteristics of being one of the sole up-to-the-minute news platforms, with the latest news being ready in seconds.

The Founder and the CEO has plans to make it the leading news platform for the country. With all the necessities required for a leading news platform already incorporated, Bollydad has been achieving the remarks of a pronounced news platform, and the creators plan to uplift its standards even higher. With sources quite rapid, they get the minutest news on the portal in time. The media personalities have commended the platform as well.

We hope that would soon lead the entertainment news industry and would undoubtedly become a pre-eminent platform!

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