All of us watch movies and read books, and then many of us scramble to find more content on a book or movie after finishing it. Whether it be reading up on the cast of a movie, or reading an interview with an author, we love to see a part of the art still living on.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the author of the hit novel “When Varun Met Meera”.

The man behind this heartfelt story is Ashwath Sezhian.

Ashwath is from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. And is a doctor about to go into training in the UK. He has authored a book other than the hit campus love story – “An Affliction of Orchids”. He also regularly shares his short stories on Instagram.

An Affliction of Orchids was his first book and was a well loved psychological thriller. While his second book, When Varun Met Meera tells the story of Meera walking down memory lane, reliving her young love, and all the heartache that came with it.

The 24-year-old found his inspiration to write from his favourite movies. He finds the world of movies fascinating and likes to recreate the same magic in his books.

Sehzian started writing during his time in medical college. What started out as a relaxing hobby became a serious passion by the third year of college. He would go to his friend’s hostel room whenever he found the time, and wrote on his phone. Surprisingly, writing didn’t hinder his studies, rather the relaxation he got from writing helped him focus more on studies and be more productive.

After having written two books, he writes short stories and shares them on Instagram every day – with an occasional break, here and there.

Instagram, today a part of his daily routine and a platform through which he writes, was once the source of constant irritation. When a post failed to meet Ashwath’s expected number of likes and comments, the writer would start questioning the quality of his writing. But with time, he has found that things such as likes, comments, shares are all arbitrary. After having this revelation, he continues to happily post on Instagram and writes whatever genre of stories he wants to.

Ashwath is keeping his plans under wraps, but has hinted at working on a third book.

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