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Ashwani Kapoor : I’m a blessed child of Waheguru.

Ashwani Kapoor

Ashwani Kapoor, hot and wild Punjabi guy to set a new era with his Indo look. The model turned actor shares about sundays

“Sundays are like funday in childhood but now sundays are like busy days. We hardly get time because as per me my all days are like sundays because I enjoy each day.”

Talking about Sunday Menu he shares, “Sunday menu is very special to me. In the afternoon I go to Gurudwara and have langar. I love the dal very much their and in the evening I cheat with my diet although I’m very much diet concious. Sunday is my cheat day as I have fast food and street food too”

Working Sundays? “Working sundays are sometimes bit boring because you know its sunday and still you are working so I always make plans for the evening  before doing my work”

He also shares, “One thing which I wait for sunday is for Gurudwara. Because I do believe so much on Waheguru so mostly half of the time on sunday I spend in Gurudwara although I’m a blessed child of Waheguru.”

Sunday wake-up time, “Well sunday wakes me up bit late and makes me go lazy. I wish to sleep little more time on sundays. I’m feeling so lazy and now its raining so it makes me go more lazy and would love to sleep as much as I can.”

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