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Ashutosh Gowariker once again to make a film based on historical love story

Ashutosh Gowariker once again with hritik roshan

Producer/Director Ashutosh Gowarikar proved his talent for showing amazing onscreen historical story with a great hit Jodha Akbar. Now the director is excited to make another historical love story based film again with Hrithik Roshan. This time Ashutosh is planning to film another popular love story of Mohenjo Daro which was set in Indus valley civilization.

Expressing his love for old love stories, Ashutosh said that it gives him extreme joy to cast old love story with present day bollywood stars. It brings out the best of his imagination about what was the environment in older times when it comes to royal love stories. Hrithik will play the role of a protagonist in the upcoming movie which will soon be in production as said by the director. The director also said that he is glad that he got the opportunity to cast a historic love story based movie again for the audience.

When asked about Hrithik, Ashutosh said that he is quite excited about the movie. Ashutosh said that Hrithik loves to learn different historic arts which he did also in movie Jodha akbar for fighting scenes. It defies your mental as well as physical abilities and how strong kings of kingdoms were supposed to be in historic time to defend kingdom and its citizens from enemies. The upcoming film will be truly based on love spirit and one of the most epic love stories of ancient times. Indus valley civilization is quite popular across India. The love story of this civilization is also quite popular in many parts of the world. Therefore it will be interesting to watch how the trailers look when movie is finally in its production phase. director has not given any hints about the heroine in the movie till now.

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