Ashish Bagrecha, #1 bestselling author, talks about his future plans: poetry, podcast and dreamr!

Ashish Bagrecha
Ashish Bagrecha

No one knows what the future holds, but Ashish Bagrecha is bent on having a say in how his life turns out. After the record-breaking success of his debut best-selling book, ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’, Ashish Bagrecha spoke to us about his dream projects he has been working on. He is always trying out new things all the time – he believes that going out of our comfort zone is the best way to grow. 

Ashish has started posting audio poems and found that a lot of his followers can actually connect more with his words if they listen to his poems in his own voice. So far, he has received an amazing response to that. Ashish has decided to do more of audio and is currently working on the Audio Book of his book, ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ where he himself will narrate the book in his own voice.

Another new thing Ashish has been exploring is making Hindi poetry videos and it has gotten an incredible response. He is keen on delving more into that and hopes to reach more audience since Hindi has a much wider reach in India than English. “If I can help even more people this way, that would make me beyond happy” the writer claims. 

One of the most exciting news is that Ashish is conceptualizing a Hindi podcast where he will talk about love, life, heart-break, dreams, relationships, mental health, hope, healing and other interesting topics. He is expecting to release the Podcast by the end of this year.

Ashish has also started working on his next books: he is planning to publish is an exclusive poetry book in the next couple of months. It will be a collection of exclusive poems he has never posted on Instagram and some of his most loved poems. Poetry books do not get commercial success in India (or anywhere else nowadays) but Ashish is keen on changing that. 

Another book would be a self-help book on love and relationships, which he feel is the need of the hour as he get hundreds of DMs where people share about their love and personal problems. He wants to help them with better perspectives on those feelings and expects the book to release in early 2021.

As a tech-entrepreneur, Ashish is also working on a social network app called ‘dreamr’. When asked more about it, Ashish reveals, “Dreamr is an ecosystem of social networking and financial tools designed specifically for dream manifestation. My co-founder, Chris Adams from Las Vegas, and I want to make it practical to dream big again. We’re in a private beta right now and plan to release the app in August.”

These, obviously, are his professional plans. Personally, he reveals that intends to keep working on himself and “fostering his inner growth”. He wants to make sure that the years he spent fighting first the tuberculosis and then depression will not go to waste. He shares his life’s purpose with us and says that “It is to share my story to help other people who need to hear that they are not alone and that it is possible to get on the other side of even the darkest path.”

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