ASAD RAVJANI aka “Lucky”- What luxury life style glances like, he depicts it adequately.


When dreams are high and passion is unceasing then no one can stop you from achieving the same. One of the most praiseworthy business tycoons from Dubai is the testimony of the same.

Asad aka “Lucky” is a young prominent socialite and a businessman from Congo, Africa, and Dubai, UAE is the founder and CEO of “Gaba Group” has various businesses like Gold & Diamonds, Agriculture Export, Mines & Minerals, Luxury sizzlingels, Information Technology, Trading & Manufacturing hub at Jabel Ali, Dubai.

Some are born to perform extraordinary stuff in life, and their ambiance is also unique to common people. He once touched off a storm with his remarks during a radio interview when he said that he does not drive a Mercedes Benz E Class which he described as a civil servants’ vehicle.
Asad who was dressed in a silk Versace shirt, which according to him cost him the same as the price one would pay for a car. He was also donned in matching sneakers and some ripped jeans as he declared boastfully.

Asad suggested that his club was not for the poor and described it as the Versatile of all clubs and that the facility would only be a place for the rich and big spenders, and not a place for cheap local beers.
All we know is that Asad Lucky is extremely rich, and he does not hesitate to show off his luxury on his social media. From the way he flaunts his money, it’s safe to say that Asad Lucky does not really care how people judge him, had taken the world by storm due to his lifestyle – he believes his possessions are earned through hard work and dedication. Other than business Asad Lucky loves to travel around the world; He likes to meet people who are doing big in their field, he feels every new person teaches you new things, and it gives you that boost to do better in life.
Asad lifestyle can make you feel jealous because he owns cars like Rolls Royce Cullinan Wraith Phantom, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover Vogue. He was also the First owner of Rolls Royce Ghost at the age of 18 years and the first owner of the Ferrari in Dubai at the age of 21 years.

Some are born to do remarkable things in life, and their aura is also different than ordinary people. One of the youngest successful moguls from Dubai is serving as a perfect testimony for many.

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