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Asad Hussain, Fitness coach has trained over 500 people over the last 10 years

Asad Hussain

Asad Hussain, the youngest and most successful COACH, who today,is also the number one bikni athletic coach of the country, reveals his story that reaching the top has not been an easy sailing as he had to face countless adversities and challenging periods throughout his journey starting from his childhood days as well.

His father like himself wanted Asad to get into Civil Services, but after completing his business management program, Asad still chose his passion as his career and became an ace physical fitness coach of the country in his mid twenties itself. He started his fitness pursuit in the Civil Service Officers Institute’s Gym to overcome his asthmatic problem emanating from long hours of swimming sessions to keep up his reputation of award winning swimmer of Delhi. By 30 now, through his physical and mental training and healing abilities he has been able to produce many bikini atheles who have won countless national and international medals and continue to do so.

Asad has novel method of need based coaching which besides physical training encompasses mental, dietary , psychological, behavioural aspects also. No wonder he has therefore been able to change thoughts and life processes of large number of people by injecting positive thoughts, meaning, motivation and perspectives in people’s life. He has cured his clients from problems like alcoholism, excessive smoking, addiction, hypertension, inter personal conflicts, hyperuricemia and related and unrelated mental and physical ailments, through his training and motivational sessions.

Hence his clients are not merely athelets but also business tycoons, actors, developers, politicians and men and women of different ages and proffessions. He is satiated with the fact that he has contributed to better their lives and has brought physical and mental fitness in an effective and positive manner.
Man today is in stress and strain due to pressures of work, consumerism, deffective life style, ever expanding family and social responsibilities, wrong food intakes and lack of or faulty physical exercises. Asad preaches and practices need based training depending on one’s profession, dietary habits, physical ability, aspiration and requirement. Therefore, on one hand he preps athelets, and on the other hand, persons of various walks of life on need based system. To fulfill his passion he not only preaches organic food intake but also has developed twin farming of organic agro poultry worth a billion assets including layer poultry, fishery, animal husbandary and horticulture. It is all on organic basis without meat or bone feed and fertilisers and synthetic medicines. Natural herbs and feed are used to produce milk, eggs and meat and organic manures are used for vegetation. Asad would do better as a full time businessman also of his agro farming, but he lives more out of his passion of transforming people’s lives & lifestyle through his mental & physical training.

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