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As he awaits his bail hearing on October 26, Aryan Khan is spending his time in jail reading books!

Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, remains in custody at Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail following his arrest by the NCB in a narcotics case. After his bail was denied by the Mumbai Sessions Court last week, the actor paid a visit to his son. Aryan has been spending his time in jail reading books, according to a recent article.

According to an ETimes storey, Aryan was given two books from the jail library and has been reading during his stay in custody. According to the article, he has been reading Wilbur Smith’s Golden Lion and another book based on the Ram and Sita story.

Aryan was instructed to take books from the jail library because he was furious over his bail plea being denied, according to jail officials. Last week, Shah Rukh Khan and his kid met for 18 minutes and reportedly communicated through the jail intercom. This was Aryan’s first contact with one of his parents since his imprisonment on October 3rd.

Gauri Khan is yet to see her son, Shah Rukh Khan, who made his first appearance last week. After Gauri’s birthday earlier this month on October 8, the pair will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday, October 25.

The family has applied for bail in the Bombay High Court, and the hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 26.

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