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Arshi Khan Mobbed, Attacked With Huge Water Balloons By Drunk Holi Revellers

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Arshi Khan who was on her way home on Wednesday late evening after a photo shoot at Goregaon in suburban Mumbai was mobbed and attacked by a group of inebriated Holi revellers on the Link Road near Dahisar.  The crowd of drunk males who were loitering on the road, surrounded her car and would not let it pass.

Arshi Khan was not available for comment, but her media advisor Flynn Remedios, told a news channel on Wednesday around mid-night that about 15 to 20 people who were visibly drunk were blocking the road near the DMART mall at Dahisar on the Link Road leading to the Dahisar check naka. “As the group did not pay heed to the driver’s requests to get out of the way and let the car pass, Arshi Khan got out of her vehicle to request the crowd to move away. Someone in the crowd recognised her and shouted – yeh toh Arshi Khan Hein, Yeh toh Shahid Afridi Ki Biwi Hein. The crowd which was in a full Holi mood, surrounded Arshi Khan and began pelting her with huge water balloons. Arshi Khan rushed inside her car for safety. Though they were water balloons, they were very huge in size, Remedios said, adding that the crowd was very boisterous and aggressive. They kept saying Iss Pakistani ko Pakistan Bhej Do,” Remedios explained.

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Luckily a passing police control van reached the spot and the crowd dispersed albeit reluctantly, still cursing and shouting among themselves. No police complaint has been registered. A senior police official from the Dahisar Police Station, said that there were crowds and there was some disturbance on the Link Road as there were Holi poojas going on at various places between 10 pm and mid night on Wednesday.  But no untoward incident has been reported to us, the police said.

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