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Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 10?

arshi khan

According to television gossip, Arshi Khan is one of the first short-listed participants of Bigg Boss 10 this coming season. It is not yet sure if Salman Khan will be hosting Bigg Boss 10, because, the channel colors is looking for a new face for their premier show. After last year’s pathetic TRPs, the channel also wants to revamp the show and give it a new look and feel. Salman may be axed and a new face brought in, sources said.

A little birdie tells us that model and actress Arshi Khan who was rumored to be one of the participants of last year’s Reality Show Bigg Boss Season 9 could not make it as the dates of her Tamil film clashed. She was also slated to travel to Pakistan for a reality show on a Pakistani channel, but the Pakistan government did not issue her a visa at the last minute.

However, gossip on the television grapevine says that Arshi Khan may be one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 10. While Arshi Khan who is currently in Jaipur was not available for comment, a source from the production house that handles Bigg Boss for Colors said Arshi Khan was spotted visiting both the Endemol and Colors offices in Mumbai last week.

Meanwshile, in a stunning and very serious allegation leveled at an international company and one of the top five IT companies in the world, controversial model and actress Arshi Khan has alleged that a senior executive associated with the Indian arm of social media giant Facebook demanded Rs 2 lakh to unlock her page and also give her a blue or grey tick mark to certify her official page as “verified”.

As reported earlier, some vulgar photographs that alleged showed Arshi Khan wearing a bikini with a burkha on top had gone viral on social media last week. The incident angered thousands of Muslims in India and Pakistan and a fatwa has been issued against model-turned-actress Arshi Khan last Tuesday by a Maulana in Jammu.

Arshi Khan has denied the photographs published online were hers. “In fact, I uploaded the photos and made comments stating that such photographs should not be allowed on Facebook. However, some people mistook and misunderstood my comments and presumed that the photographs were mine.”

According to a news website, after thousands of angry Muslims in India and Pakistan reported Arshi Khan’s alleged hijab and burkha bikini images, Facebook responded with a harsh and heavy hand and unpublished (marked as hidden) Arshi Khan’s official Facebook Page located at Such pages remain hidden until Facebook manually reviews the page. Arshi Khan’s management contacted Facebook India through a mediator and requested that the page be unblocked or re-published.

“This happens when several hundred people mark as obscene or derogatory or defamatory an image or post or page. The Facebook automated security system springs into place and makes or marks the image or post or page or user profile as “hidden”, so that the reported content does not spread and cause distress to others. A FB security official will then manually review the content and check if it complies with the FB policies and Terms of Use. If it does not, it may be deleted or may be re-instated by FB, said Facebook expert and media person Flynn Remedios, who manages official FB pages for over 50 Bollywood celebs and artistes.

Now even Arshi Khan’s profile or individual account has got blocked after Arshi Khan refused to make any payment under the table to Facebook India executives. “I will not pay to unblock my account or page. This is blatant corruption. Facebook is a free service and these executives are demanding money unofficially without and bill or invoice and this amounts to nothing but bribes,” Arshi Khan stated in Mumbai today.

Speaking to a news portal in Mumbai today, Arshi Khan said, “I am shocked that Facebook India representatives are demanding Rs 2 lakh to unlock or republish my page. I always knew that there is a lot of corruption going on at the Facebook India office. People who are just nobodies have millions of “likes” and “followers” which are obviously paid. Now, I have come to know that one can BUY ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and even a blue or grey tick mark. This is a real shame. Facebook India must be investigated and its source of revenue, its income and other details checked,” Arshi Khan has demanded

Source: Purple PR

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