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Arpita Is Pregnant Soon Will be Welcoming a Baby: Confirmed Brother Arbaaz Khan

Arpita Is Pregnant

Who doesn’t want that his/her family should be happy will a little cute baby on their hands? Who doesn’t love to hear the first cry when a new born baby takes his/her first breath in the beautiful earth? These questions may sounds something really exciting but you won’t believe the answer to this simple question is given by a beloved sister to her beloved family and especially to her fascinating brothers. Indeed as the title explores, she’s none other than Arpita Khan who will be soon be blessed with a baby as she’s is pregnant!

Some of you may not believe this but the sizzling news is purely on the basis of sources, in fact her own elder brother cum a dashing personality i.e. Arbaaz Khan confirmed that “Yes, she’s pregnant and we the entire family are really happy for it” – He added. Let’s get ready to welcome a little star who’s about to breath the freshness of the B town in Khan’s family.

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