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Arman Jain being slapped for more than 200 times

Arman Jain being slapped

You often see slap scenes in B Town, it is very much popular scenes to be included in different scenes of any B Town movie. However, if you look at such scenes, these are nothing but a farce one, which has an action of slap but no real action is being taken. Arman Jain the cousin of Ranbir Kapoor has a slap scene in his forthcoming movie called Lekar Hum Deewana Dil wherein he is supposed to be slapped by his screen mom – Anita Kulkarni. In order to make the scene look more real and authentic, he wanted his screen mom to actually slap him. She wasn’t keen to slap him and hence has slapped the young actor with reluctance. However, this simply couldn’t give the right slap on his face, which carried out a number of retakes for the same scene leading to a staggering figure of 200.

Every time the lady was seen slapping him, he wasn’t that satisfied leading another slap that total around 200 odd figures. When the young actor finally returned home, he was seen with swollen cheek and heavy eyes. Thanks to the 200 slaps that changed the geography of his face. However, Arman was happy having these slaps on his face. He called it a fun and even shared such unusual experience when in a scene has to eat a sandwich, which he actually ate more than 20 in order to have a perfect shot. At such juncture, when you Kapoor lad treading the perfect path so how come he would do when he has some love making scene in any film.

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