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Arjun Bijlani responds to people calling him as ‘Fixed Winner’

Since Arjun Bijlani has been announced as a winner of Khatron ke khiladi, the actor has been facing a lot of backlash since then. As the netizens think that Divyanka Tripathi deserved the trophy more than he did. Arjun was quite until now, the actor has decided to speak up against the backlash.

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Arjun Bijlani responded to people who think the show is won by channel favourites. He said, “It is very sad. This show is not based on who people like or the channel prefers. It is based on who performs a stunt faster or with more finesse. The finale stunt, I did it faster. The other day Divyanka did some stunts faster. I was better on that day; the channel was not doing the stunt. Once people see it, they’ll know it is a tough stunt, and Divyanka was caught in the net for a while. Everyone who saw the stunt knew I did it faster.”

He further added, “The point is everyone wants their faves to win. Her fans felt she should have won, my fans wanted me. I did it faster so I won. I did not win as the channel wanted me to win. It is odd to think or assume that’s how all reality shows work. I take such comments with a pinch of salt. I am concerned with those who are celebrating with me,”.

Arjun concluded by saying, no one can cheat under Rohit Shetty as he’s the most honest person when it comes to such things, “He is very strict about safety and everything. It is impossible to cheat under him. People should realise this too. But then people also call hosts biased, what does one do?”

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