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Arhaan expressed resentment after coming out of Bigg Boss, said- Why did this happen to me?

Arhaan khan

Arhaan Khan’s journey in reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is over. Arhaan says that he is upset with the channel because of his past brought by channel in this controversial show hosted by superstar Salman Khan. Arhaan came on the show for the second time as a wild card contestant and he is out of the show again.

Even before joining the show, news of his relationship with actress Rashmi Desai was in the news. Later Salman had revealed that Arhaan is already married and has a son.

Referring to an interview with Arhaan, he said that everyone has a past and mine is also known to everyone. We do not live together, both of us have been divorced.

He further said that this relationship ended four-five years ago. It is very personal for me to talk about it. She (his ex-wife) has just settled abroad with her family and my son is five years old. She started her life afresh and is in a relationship with someone else. Arhan also revealed that Rashmi did not know about his child.

He said that I don’t want to say anything for Salman Bhai, because he is my idol. He must have done better thinking what he has done, but yes, I am upset with the channel, why did he bring out things related to my personal life and my past when it has never happened in a season before? This is very strange.

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