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Archana Puran Singh reminds her childhood seeing ‘mangoes’ in the garden

23 05 2020 archanapurann

Summer season means ‘Mango’ season. Everyone loves mango in this season. But at this time the havoc of corona virus has increased so much that one is not able to eat his favorite mango. ‘Mango’, the king of fruits, is sitting in the market waiting for people. But many people are not taking mangoes home due to fear of virus. In such a situation, actress Archana Puran Singh has made jealous many people by showing mangoes.

Actually,  there were mangoes in Archana’s garden. The video of which she has shared on social media. By showing Alphonso of her garden, she has given a good tease to many people who like mangoes. Only mangoes are seen in this video. And Archana’s voice is heard from the background. Seeing these mangoes, Archana herself remembers her childhood.

Archana has also written a cute caption with this video. She wrote in the caption, ‘She stole mangoes and escaped from the garden in childhood. Get caught That mother’s scolding … eating too much mangoes is not good. Then give that answer to the mother … one day I will earn so much money that I will buy and eat all the mangoes of the world. Soaking the mango in that bucket and cooling it… waiting that summer hotly… just because summer is mango season. Only a mango lover can understand this post. ‘

Archana is not seen in this video but her voice is definitely heard. In the video, Archana is saying, ‘If mangoes are organic, then the stains are good. Home grown mangoes. ‘ In this video of Archana, her wildness can be seen with respect to mangoes. This video of Archana is being well liked.

Her fans are commenting a lot on this video of Archana. This video is also becoming quite viral on social media. Archana has her garden in a luxurious bungalow in Mumbai. These mangoes also belong to the same garden.

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