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Arbaaz Sparks up Tweeter: Stop Writing Shit Everyday about Our Marriage

It’s hardly been some couple of weeks since the booming year initiated, despite the days are heading one by one to again reach the end of year, but on the other hand it seems like the rolling time is spreading its waves of split all over the globe in between the sweet couples. Guess what such breakup rumors finally made one of the stunning stars to speak up by crossing his patience and he’s none other than ‘Arbaaz Khan’ – One of the renowned celebs of all and often named as a perfect man with toughest attitude.

Have a look on what he added on the rumors which are catching fire on the floor..

Soon after giving a glance to these don’t you think that Arbaaz is actually in a state that for a situation the floor can even catch fire with his anger isn’t? It’s actually a normal reaction which can be expected by anyone of us, if such rubbish rumors are fire each n everyday by the media.

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