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Anupamaa Update: Romance between Anuj & Anupama is deepening; businessman now offered Anupama a partnership in a new deal

Fans of Anupamaa are in for a treat, as Vanraj will finally be able to relax after publicly criticising Anupama for being friends with Anuj Kapadia. The audience will see a delighted and excited Anuj accept Anupama’s business proposal and give her a partnership in the future episode of the show. Vanraj and Kavya are envious of Anuj since he chose to invest in Anupama’s proposal over theirs. Vanraj becomes enraged and rants at Anupama, accusing her of being biassed. He yells at Anupama, telling her that she has won the partnership because Anuj still has a crush on her, and this is a chance for them to renew their romance. Anupama is enraged by this and yells at Vanraj.

Meanwhile, with each passing day, Anuj gets closer to Anupama. Even while he doesn’t want to disrupt her peace or her family’s relationships, he is continuously drawn to her – from his dreams to a brand new business idea right now. Gopi Kaka, on the other hand, is busy convincing him that being with Anupama is now inscribed in his destiny, and that’s why he’s constantly devising new ways to stay close to the love of his life.

Vanraj and Kavya both feel defeated after being rejected by Anuj Kapadia. While they blame Anupama’s friendship with Anuj for their complacency, Baa agrees with them and taunts Anupama for her friendship with Anuj. Toshu, who is uncomfortable with his mother getting along with a long-lost college acquaintance, agrees with Vanraj and Baa.

How will Anupama and Anuj Kapadia’s relationship be affected by these shifting equations? Is there more romance in the works for them both? Fans would certainly appreciate it! Keep an eye on this space for all the latest Anupamaa news!

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