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Anupam Kher Slams and Trolls Congress Party over JNU and Intolerance

To start with ‘It’s Never Too Late, Before we Awake’ a beautiful sentence with a tremendous meaning which is purely narrated by the one n only star of Bollywood and a veteran star ‘Anupam Kher’. Who have given a strong reason to ‘Awake’ with his fiery speech, that has not only smashed all the bull shit talks which were nothing but useless cum rubbish rumors, making some dirty patches on our former Government Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modiji’. Well said ‘People Always Throw Dirty Rumours on Those Who’re Innocent’ the same goes with our Modiji. We still remembered those days when we as poor Indian were ruled by British emperors and indeed we were nothing but workers with a disease suffering with ‘Duff n Dum’, were worst than that when congress party were ruling. We had our PM who was hardly spoken a couple of words on his own rather reading bull shits written on a piece of paper, I want to ask you!! What was that? Was it our party whom we selected? Was it something we love to hear? or Was it something favorable for us? I guess you won’t find any of these words on that as it was nothing but ‘INTOLLERANCE’ of the entire country. That’s what the former star ‘Anupam’ has spoken about, let’s have a glance on the same right here..

By giving only 10mins of your day you’ll actually feel like it’s something that why didn’t we had a thought off that, why we were so busy on our work that resulted into a shameful thing! In his epic speech he explored the true hatred within his burning heart with some blossom words,‘Intolerance?’ this is something which we are hearing since couple of months since BJP government has overtook Congress after almost a year. But did you hear any complaints related to scams and corruption since BJP government has taken a seat? Of course not right? As if these rubbish things and full on planning to break Indian constitution from within was done by Congress, but finally it’s not that late to wake up and make others awake to kick off! Such damn people out of the ruling party and let Modiji do his work just for 5years. Not only this he added his condemn words by slamming those behind Afzal Guru’s event in JNU where – ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah..Inshallah’ and‘Afzal hum sharminda hain, tere kaatil zinda hain’ and the like slogans were raised. With overwhelming thoughts we as a beloved Indian strongly concur with the epic speech delivered by the star ‘Anupam’ who’ve made all of us proud to be an Indian.

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