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Anupam Kher Shares an Emotional farewell note for his friend Satish Kaushik

Anupam Kher, the veteran Bollywood actor, recently penned an emotional farewell note for his close friend and colleague Satish Kaushik. The note was shared on social media and touched the hearts of many in the film industry.

In his note, Kher expressed his gratitude towards Kaushik for being a part of his life for over 40 years. He reminisced about the time they spent together and how Kaushik had always been a pillar of support for him. Kher also mentioned how Kaushik had always been an integral part of his professional journey and how they had worked together on several projects.

Kher’s note also reflected on the recent loss of Kaushik’s mother, who passed away due to COVID-19 complications. He shared his condolences and mentioned how he had spoken to Kaushik after her demise. Kher revealed that during their conversation, he had asked Kaushik to forgive him for anything that he may have said or done unintentionally that may have hurt him. Kher even ended his note with the words “Ja, tujhe maaf kiya” (Go, I forgive you). Check his video note as under:


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The note has received an overwhelming response from fans and members of the film fraternity. Many have appreciated Kher’s gesture and have lauded him for being so honest and open about his feelings. The note has also become a reminder of the importance of forgiveness and the power of expressing gratitude towards our loved ones.

Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik have been close friends for decades, and their bond is evident from the way Kher has written about Kaushik in his note. The two have shared the screen many times and have always been supportive of each other’s careers. Kher’s heartfelt farewell note is a testament to the deep bond that they share, and it is sure to inspire many to cherish their relationships with their loved ones.

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