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Anupam Kher launched his digital portal

Legendary actor Anupam Kher, who has recently completed 36 years in the entertainment industry, is all set to announce the digital launch of his life’s most important drama ‘Kuchh Bhi Hoh Haya’, directed by Feroze Abbas Khan. With this digital launch, Anupam Kher urges viewers to look at the bright side of things and believe – ‘anything can happen’.

Coming from June 7 on www.theanupamkher.com, the show showcases all the possibilities that one person has in his journey of life, which he follows with a sense of wonder and hard work in the path of his life . This drama will show the audience the failures, successes and lessons in life of Anupam Kher, it will be interesting for the audience to see that an actor portrays himself like a common man, whom people can share their life’s struggles with.

With a very good message, this play depicts that a good time comes but all we have to do is wait for it and we have to work to get it, then only we can feel ‘Anything Can Happen’.

Be sure to check out www.theanupamkher.com from June 7 to boost your morale and be optimistic.

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