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Anupam Kher completed 36 years in cinema, once played 60 year old in just 28 year age

The release of Anupam Kher’s superhit film Saransh has completed 36 years today. Anupam Kher won the Best Actor Award from Filmfare for ‘Saransh’. At the age of 28, he played the character of a sixty year old who is still remembered today. Anupam Kher had to struggle a lot in the beginning of his career. He also got this film after a lot of problems.

Anupam’s film Saransh was released on 25 May 1984. While sharing the video of this journey, he has included his characters from the summary to the Hollywood TV series New Amsterdam. The actor was first signed in the film Saransh. The film was produced by Tarachand Barjatya, the owner of Rajshri Productions.

Before the shooting started Anupam Kher got the news that Sanjeev Kumar is being cast in his place in the film. Anupam did not believe after hearing this. He called the director Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt told Anupam Kher that Rajshree Production needs a well-known actor for this role, so Sanjeev Kumar has been cast.

Hearing all this, Anupam Kher thought of leaving the city. While going, he thought he would definitely go to Mahesh Bhatt. Angry Anupam reached home to Mahesh Bhatt. He was angry at first, and after that he said irritably, ‘Before leaving I have come to tell you that you are a number one fraud. You are a lier, For the last six months, I have been practicing my role and today I am suddenly being removed from this film.

After this, this thing of Anupam Kher got on his heart. He called Rajshree Production and said that if he does not have Anupam Kher in this film, he will not direct this film. In this way, this role was given to Anupam Kher which was well appreciated. Made in a budget of about one crore, the film did a business of two crores. Today, the film’s director Mahesh Bhatt has also tweeted and congratulated Anupam for Anuam’s journey.

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