Anuj Chuke – A professionally talented and dedicated Event Guru by Sahithya S

Anuj Chuke
Anuj Chuke

Mr.Anuj Chuke is a Celebrity Manager by profession. He is the founder of ‘Shubh Mangalam Celebrity and Event management company’. He is a very talented person and exhibits his skills and talents by providing a very organized service. Anuj has over 7+ years of experience in this field.

As a celebrity manager, he organizes and manages several Bollywood and Marathi celebrities events personally. He is also known famously in the Modeling sphere. He manages top modeling fashion shows. He organizes several beauty pageants. He helps rising actors immensely. When people come asking for chances in either modeling or acting he refers then when the chance arises. He is famously known as the event guru. He knows exactly how to excel and handle different events. He has also done several music albums. He basically works for Bollywood and other events. He is a multi-talented person with a very charismatic persona.

He currently runs his own firm. This would be the solution or final destination for all event-related requests. He has build trust over the years and has achieved a lot of success for his work. He also does celebrity brand endorsement and digital social marketing. He has gained a lot of experience over the years. He knows how to make people famous through his work and this has been his key to success. He grows by helping others grow. With the humble nature of his, he is sure to achieve greater heights

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