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Anubhav Sinha Director of Ra.One Reviews Dunki Calling Shah Rukh Khan and Wishes Longevity to Raj

“Dunki hit theaters on December 21, drawing admiration from fans, including renowned director Anubhav Sinha. After watching the film with his entire office team, Sinha expressed overwhelming praise for the movie and its cast, lauding Rajkumar Hirani’s direction and Shah Rukh Khan’s remarkable commitment to his role. In a social media review, Sinha commended the actors’ performances, particularly highlighting a scene featuring Shah Rukh Khan’s immigration interview. He marveled at the film’s ability to evoke laughter, tears, and a sense of togetherness. Sinha emphasized the unique closeness the characters bring to the audience, contrasting it with typical swag films, and concluded with heartfelt wishes for Raju’s enduring success.”


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Dunki doesn’t simply mark a box on Shah Rukh Khan’s already-glittering filmography; it’s a tectonic shift in Indian cinema. This isn’t just a film, it’s a collision of titans, a fusion of creative galaxies. On one side, we have the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, his charisma radiating brighter than ever. On the other, the master storyteller, Rajkumar Hirani, weaving narratives that touch hearts and tickle funny bones with equal mastery.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Taapsee Pannu, Queen of versatility, throws her chameleon-like talent into the mix, while Vicky Kaushal adds his nuanced brilliance. Seasoned veterans like Vikram Kochhar, Anil Grover, and Boman Irani lend their gravitas, creating a tapestry of characters as rich and diverse as the film itself.

This isn’t your everyday collaboration; it’s a supernova. Hirani’s signature blend of heart and humor, injected with Khan’s boundless energy, promises a cinematic experience that transcends borders and genres. Dunki isn’t just a story; it’s a symphony of talent, a chorus of voices singing in perfect harmony.

Beyond the spectacle, Dunki whispers the promise of exploration. It delves into the depths of human relationships, the complexities of dreams, and the ever-shifting sands of desire. It is a canvas on which emotions dance, characters evolve, and narratives redefine themselves.

Ziya Khan


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